AssHats & Ass Pats

Besides short blurbs in the Washington Post and Harpers Mag, the mainstream media still refuses to report that democrats were peddling the Foley emails months before the story broke.

Instead the Leftist/Media continues to focus on Republicans, Dennis Hastert, attacks on gay Republicans and page ass-pats

This is where the mainstream media is taking our country…

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Of course, an “ass pat” to most Americans is defined as “an alleged encounter” to CBS.


CBS interviews a former page who says he saw Foley pat another page on the butt,
What the hell?

Are we really going to have to suffer through all of Foley’s sexual encounters, alleged sexual encounters, suspected sexual encounters, and “alleged encounters” the next four weeks?
Tell me I’m dreaming… North Korea is testing nukes and I’m reading about ass pats?

Free Republic follows the Foley scandal to Florida.
Hat Tip Jeff Rooney

And… Director Blue dissects the WaPo Foley investigation.
Hat Tip Larwyn

The witch-hunt continues…
Tonight, democrats are attacking another openly gay Republican for camping with kids 10 years ago!

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