ACORN Workers Admit Recruiting for McCaskill!! (Video)

ACORN workers snitched on the McCaskill Campaign!

** They were stiffed of their minimum wage earnings after working for minimum wage reform!

PubDef catches the democrats in a BIG Vote Scandal!
ACORN volunteers admit on tape that they are signing up voters and telling them to vote for Claire McCaskill!

ACORN workers:

“We’ve been going out of the way for these people and we get nothing in return!”

Not even the minimum wage they were promised!

Pubdef reports:

Ten-year ACORN veteran Josephine Perkins claims she was fired last week, in part because she informed the teams she supervised that it was inappropriate and illegal for them to campaign for McCaskill while being paid by ACORN and Give Missourians a Raise, the political action committee which supports Proposition B and, according to campaign finance reports, has given money to ACORN to circulate its literature.

BTW- Pubdef is a democrat.

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