WARNING: American Interrogation Techniques Captured on Video!


As leaked to The Guardian this week….
On Monday of this week you could not escape the shocking news published at the Guardian Unlimited from a leaked report on the tortuous interrogation techniques used by American forces in the war against Islamic fascists.

Here is that list of hideous techniques used to obtain information from captured Al Qaeda terrorists.


WARNING: Please read no further if you do not want to be sickened by this violence!

Here is the list of atrocious acts of violence used on US detainees as reported in the Guardian:

* Induced hypothermia
* Forcing suspects to stand for prolonged periods
* Sleep deprivation
* The “attention grab” where a suspect’s shirt is forcefully seized
* The “attention slap” or open hand slapping that hurts but does not lead to physical damage
* The “belly slap”
* Sound manipulation
* Light manipulation

If that is not disgusting enough, today a torture video was leaked to the press!
Here is that video:

(Note: Do not perform technique #1 in a wooded area!)

WARNING: Interrogation Video may be too much for children and those with weak stomachs.

Horrible, Yes, but just like the New York Times “We weighed very heavily and looked in excruciating detail at claims that this was not something that terrorists knew, that this would somehow be useful to terrorists…” and decided to go ahead with the story.

Ace has more reaction to this interrogation news.

Special Thanks to David Hoft for having the stomach to put this together!

Update: ABC Confirms success of CIA “torture” tactics.

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