Suddenly, Code Pink & N.O.W. Are Veteran's Groups(?)

A groundswell of few dozen protesters showed up yesterday in Washington as “Camp Freedom” kicked off in the nation’s capital.

The protesters were without Mother Sheehan who was hospitalized during the Texas protest for dehydration and underwent a hysterectomy.

People begin setting up “Camp Democracy,” a protest by “US veterans organizations and military families” on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Organisers describe the 15-day event as a “non-partisan camp for peace, democracy, and the restoration of the rule of law.” Washington kicked off the start of its election campaign season, ahead of November elections seen likely to tip the political scales in favor of opposition Democrats. (AFP/Nicholas Kamm), Code Pink, and NOW are sponsoring the 17 day antiwar event:


The Washington demonstration is sponsored by several anti-war organizations and liberal advocacy groups, including, CODE PINK, the National Immigrant Solidarity Network and the National Organization for Women.

You’ve got to love how the media describes a protest sponsored by Far Left groups Code Pink and as “a protest by US veterans organizations and military families.”

Staged photo?

U.S. Army Spc. Mark Wilkerson, right receives a hug from anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey III Thursday Aug. 31, 2006 near Crawford, Texas. Wilkerson, 22, of Colorado Springs, Colo., plans to surrender to Fort Hood, Texas, authorities later today, a year and a half after going AWOL from the Army post before his unit’s second deployment to Iraq. (AP Photo/Rod Aydelotte)

Mama Moonbat may be down but is not out.
From her rant on September 1, 2006:

I have no problem with anyone who did whatever they had to do to not go to Vietnam. What I surely do have a problem with is while they ran from the military industrial complex in the 60s and 70s, they feed our children to the ravenous monster in the next century’s first war for greed… The rich always send the children of the poor to die to make themselves richer…War will only continue if we keep giving our kids to the war machine to chew up and spit out for their wicked profits.

Cindy’s been pushing it too hard.

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