Rightroots a Success! Ready for Round 2

RightRoots was a great success in its first month.
Now, there is a two week campaign to help Republican Representatives in close races.
John Hawkins has the details.

As Mickey Kaus says (via Instapundit),

“If you give the Democrats a majority in the House, then Congress will pass an expensive, wage-destroying semi-amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

Not to mention that the Iraqis will be left on their own when we are so close to victory… or democrats will take credit for a victory in Iraq after not even being able to identify who the enemy is in the War on Terror!


Look forward to a sudden policy of appeasement, or…
Please help these Candidates at Rightroots!

Oh, and check this out…
Doddering, Dotty, dirty ole’ Dodd
Another reason to give!

And… “Let Freedom Ring” has the scoop on the liberal’s empty security plan.
Another reason to give!

And… As Fausta reports, look forward to Democrats trusting the terrorists more than US and its allies:

The two Democratic lawmakers, members of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, identified Israel’s use of cluster bombs in Lebanon as an “example” or a “factor” in proposing the amendment. “The recent experience in Lebanon is only the latest example of the appalling human toll of injury and death,” Leahy said in a joint September 5 press release issued with Feinstein.

Another reason to give!

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