Relax, It's Labor Day!

Hope you all have a great holiday, today!

Here are a few great reads as you kick back:

Theocracy?… Not hardly!


That Grim Milestone-Horse Manure Mantra is being revved up, again!

Myself?… I think it shows the exceptional quality of our military in that military losses 5 YEARS after 9-11 are only now catching up to those 30 minutes of horrible destruction!

It only took a few minutes to kill thousands of unsuspecting innocents!

A. Jacksonian looks more at the destruction since 9-11 of the murdering terrorists.

The democrats, including Bob Casey, are still struggling for ideas!

Nidra Poller serves up the French at Atlas Shrugs.

Throw the Violent Imams in Jail! Agreed!

Daniel Pipes declines his Al Qaeda invitation.
…As did Robert Spencer.

The liberal media is telling everyone to Just Move On!
– This after 16 more terror arrests in the last 72 hours in London! Unreal!

Is Al Qaeda reaching out to the West?
Hat Tips to Larwyn

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