German Train Bombs Meant for World Cup

You know, I was so interested in joining radical Islam today after that convincing speech by Adam Yehiye Gadahn, that up-and-comer jihadist from California, but then I heard this and I just couldn’t get myself to join the head choppers…
From the News.AU:

TWO failed attempts to bomb trains in western Germany in July had originally been planned for the football World Cup, a newspaper reported overnight.

The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung cited security sources as saying interrogation of the suspects had established that the would-be bombers had abandoned the original plan as they had considered the implications of such an attack.

One of the bombs was found in July on a train in Dortmund, which hosted some of June and July’s World Cup matches. The other was found on a train in Koblenz.

Extracts of the article, released in advance of today’s publication, also said the suspects belonged to a “new generation of terrorists” who worked together in cells for a short time.

German police have said the bombs, crude devices made of propane gas, could have killed many people had they gone off.

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