FOX News Finds Bill Clinton's Melting Point

Update: (6:00 PM) Meltdown is right!
Bill Clinton as victim! Sick!

Chris Wallace dared to go there…
Political Pitbull has the video of the segment today on FOX News.

Think Progress shows the meltdown.

Ace points out Bill’s dishonest defense… that the “neocon chickenhawk warmongers” were against taking out Bin Laden! Hah!

In this handout photo provided by Fox News Sunday, former President Bill Clinton responds to host Chris Wallace during a taping of an interview for ‘Fox News Sunday’, on Friday, Sept. 22, 2006, in New York. (AP Photo/Fox News Sunday, Michael Simon)

Bill Clinton’s Tom Cruise moment.

The Jacksonian Party gives background on all of the wake-up calls for the Clintons, that were missed.
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This is good…
“I’m sorry… What the hell did you just say?”

NewsBusters has a wrap on Bill’s meltdown.

Michelle Malkin notes previous Clinton fingerpointing moments.

Jay Stephenson says he was blaming others for 9-11.

Byron York tears down the Clinton wall of excuses.

Glenn Reynolds has the meltdown rundown.

Allah has the discussion points on Clinton’s serious remake of history.
Poor Bill… He was not prepared for this interview!

It’s too bad Chris Wallace didn’t cue up this video of Bin Laden at a terrorist training camp in 1998 taken by a US drone during the interview with Bill Clinton.

The larger issue, from CBS News in 2004:
Osama bin Laden: missed opportunities

…A former CIA station chief in Pakistan, says the White House required the CIA to attempt to capture bin Laden alive, rather than kill him.

What impact did the wording of the orders have on the CIA’s ability to get bin Laden? “It reduced the odds from, say, a 50 percent chance down to, say, 25 percent chance that we were going to be able to get him,” said Schroen.

A Democratic member of the 9/11 commission says there was a larger issue: The Clinton administration treated bin Laden as a law enforcement problem.

Bill Clinton says the “rightwingers” pushed him to leave Somalia… We know better.

More from Dr. Sanity “In spite of all the self-serving BS delivered up in his interview with Chris Wallace, there is no indication that Osama ever felt the need to hide himself when Clinton was US President.”
-As evidenced by the above 1998 video!
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Tammy Bruce picks apart Bill’s ludicrous statements.

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