Democrats Paint Rumsfeld & Republicans as Nazis

Oh, how those democrats hate Donald Rumsfeld!

The Blue Highwayman at knows that this photo may be over the edge but “the hell with it”:

November Elections are less than eight weeks away and the boys over at the White House are playing the Nazi card. Here’s Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary of Defense England in a secret photo discussing Iraq. Well, with a little help from Photoshop of course but I just thought it would be fun to return the “Nazi Sympathizer” complement. Rummy does look handsome wearing the Iron Cross. I say if the uniform fits wear it and a number of other Republicans could wear it as well. Some people might think this is over the edge but hell this is where the Republicans want to go this election. We’re all considered Al Quada by the CONservatives anyway.

On Meet the Press Senator Santorum claimed he had found WMD’s in Iraq yet again and that the London plot was exposed by warrantless wiretapping. It is astounding that this man is considered sane in some circles. On both counts Santorum was absolutely hallucinating! It was equally fascinating his Democratic opponent, Bob Casey Jr., completely missed the opportunity to blast Santorum on his outrageous claims. Although I still have faith in the Democrats to win at least the House I am left to wonder after this debate. Will the Democrats drop the ball yet again in November?

I’m riding out to the Heartland in a couple of days looking forward to hearing what folks out there are feeling about November. The airwaves should be filled with hate as CONservatives seek to fill them with fear. In their usual style Limbaugh and Hannity, fearless warriors that they are, will be spouting the message about Liberals being weak and sympathetic to the terrorists. Rummy, of course, will carry out his orders being the little, dare I say the Nazi word, man he is, no matter how vile.

Actually, Blue Highwayman, you went over that edge a while back.

This sounds like a fair representation of the party, I’d say… Nothing to fear, certainly not the Islamofascists!… The only fascists are the Republicans.
They are the real enemies!

And… Here are a couple of comments from the website:
Midwest Blue-

After they receive the uniform, in order to become blood brothers, they have to cut their fingers. After 5 p.m., they put a sign on the oval office door. It reads: “nO GiRlz aLoUd–cEpT cONdI” Skinny Pat Roberts looks comical when he dons the black uniform and cap. Ted Stevens looks mad.

Seriously, though, there must be a law against a president using terror as a tactic to frighten his own people. Is that treasonous?

Also, they’re talking neoconservative concepts, not objective reality. The objective reality is that our ports and borders and nuclear and chemical plants are vulnerable. Talking about terror doesn’t get the job done. Those in this administration are truly losing their minds.


I couldn’t believe it today listening to bush talking about fascists sympathizers and nazi sympathizers and how they are hurting our ability to win the “war on terror”. Someone should tell Dubya where his family fortune came from.

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.” ~ Sinclair Lewis

In a time of deception telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ~ George Orwell

Meanwhile, the White House responded to the Rumsfeld critics.
Curiouser and Curiouser has the story.
Hat Tip Larwyn

And… Archontan has fascist questions of his own.

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