Confirm John Bolton!

VOLPAC is reporting:

When S. 2590(in pdf, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act) passed the Senate, Senator Frist wrote that “the unprecedented synergy between online grassroots activists and Senate leadership provides a new model for participatory democracy in action.” In collaboration with the blogosphere, the Majority Leader wants to utilize this model to help accomplish another major priority – the confirmation of John Bolton as our Ambassador to the United Nations.

Accordingly, we’ve created, a phone bank designed to flood the offices of Democratic Senators with calls in support of Ambassador Bolton.


On the site, we’ve listed the numbers of all the Democratic Senators, encouraged participants to make as many calls as possible and then record their calls so everyone can track the growing tally. Participants will have the ability to email friends and family with a customizable email linking to the phone bank, which we hope will encourage viral growth. We’ve also included three “Blogging for Bolton” web banners, so bloggers can show their support … and we’ve created a “Blogroll for Bolton” for those bloggers who participate.

Today, as the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations meets to discuss the nomination, we’ve launched the program officially.

Please join Power Line, Human Events Online, Right Wing News, Little Green Footballs, Instapundit, this blog, Gateway Pundit, and many others… on this very important issue!

America needs John Bolton at the United Nations to stand up for this country and to push for reform!

Help get John Bolton confirmed!

Update: It looks like this campaign is making progress.

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