Zarqawi Documents Reveal Strong Baathist Ties

The following is a translated headline and article by Haider Ajina from the August 2nd Iraqi newspaper Sot Al-Iraq

“Iraqis find Alqaida documents wanting to set up an Islamic Emirate in Dialah”

The governor of Dialah province (Northeast of Baghdad and to the Iranin boarder) Raad Rasheed disclosed the discovery of secret documents seized by security forces. These documents revealed that the group called “Unity and Jihad” (was lead by Zarqawi) wanted to overthrow the governor of Dialah to set up an Islamic emirate and expand it from there.

The governor added that the former leader of Alqaida, Alzarqawi, was determined to celebrate in the Dialah Capital building on April 29th, Saddam’s Birthday. Evidence of this was the strong attacks on Dialah’s capital two days prior to the 29th of April. These attacks were numerous and strong, but were rebutted by Iraq’s security forces. These documents and acts show, without a doubt, a strong relationship and connection between Baathist leadership and Alqaida.

Haider comments:

Evidence of a strong connection between Alqaida and the Baathists keeps coming out of Iraq as more and more documents are uncovered from raids on Alqaida cells, as well as Baathist hideouts. This comes as no surprise to any Iraqi to which I speak, and is considered by Iraqi media in general to be common knowledge.

Haider Ajina
McKinleyville CA

And, All Things Conservative along with Haider Ajina send this good news from Iraq from President Talabani.

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