Things We Learned From Hurricane Katrina

* If you lose your child in a level 1-5 hurricane, it’s Bushs’s fault.
* Kanye West’s career peaked last September.
* New Orleans is a sinkhole.
* In the summer… New Orleans is a hot, humid sinkhole.
* Bourbon Street is the highest point in New Orleans… figures!
* Hurricane survivors did not eat corpses to survive.
* There were no bodies stacked in the basement of the Superdome.
* If you are told to bring enough supplies to an emergency shelter for three days and you run out of food and water in 4 hours, its Bush’s fault.
* If you live in Utah and welcome New Orleans citizens into your communities, you’re still racists and part of the problem.
* Buses run best dry.
* Oprah and Ray Nagin, “They’re murdering people in there (superdome)!” – Not True.
* Oprah and Ray Nagin, “They’re raping people in there (superdome)!” – Not True.
* Oprah and Ray Nagin, “The babies! (are dying)” – Nope.
* If you live in hurricane alley make sure you elect a Republican governor.
* Spike Lee peaked with “Do the Right Thing”.
* The people in Houston were the real Saints.
* Houston’s crime rate is soaring.
* Finally, if you can’t find your child for two months after a level 1-5 hurricane, it’s Bush’s fault.

A. Jacksonian shares more thoughts on Katrina.

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