St. Louis Man is 2006 Navy Times Sailor of the Year

Congratulations to Commander Louis Tripoli from Wildwood, Missouri!

Cmdr. Louis Tripoli knew that civilians injured in the November 2004 battle of Fallujah, Iraq, would die if they didn’t get medical care before the shooting stopped.

So as Marines and insurgents battled from street to street, he flew into the city to help reopen its main hospital. When he found that the hospital did not have enough medical supplies to treat the wounded, he arranged to have them shipped from abroad.

When a supply convoy was one corpsman short, Tripoli volunteered to travel with it – a position that Navy doctors were not obligated to fill.

And when he learned that an Iraqi infant would die if she did not receive medical treatment abroad, he created a system that saved the girl and dozens of other Iraqi children.

For these reasons, Tripoli is the Navy Times 2005 Sailor of the Year.

The Navy Times has more on Cmdr. Louis Tripoli.
Hat Tip Brandi Simmonds

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