Saudi Officials Break Up Hezbollah Protest, Arrest Rally Leaders!

Woah! The Kingdom is not only issuing fatwas against the terror group Hezbollah, but now there are reports that Saudi officials arrested Hezbollah protesters this weekend in eastern Saudi Arabia!

Aljazeera reports:

Police in Saudi Arabia have detained at least seven people after the latest in a series of pro-Hezbollah protests in the east of the kingdom, home to its Shia minority.

The detentions took place on Saturday and Sunday and followed marches by hundreds of people on Friday in Qatif and the neighbouring town of Safwa.

Local residents and a Shia website also reported the detentions, although interior ministry officials could not be reached for comment.

Public protests are banned in Saudi Arabia, although the authorities have shown unusual leniency in tolerating some marches against Israeli attacks in Lebanon.

The police did disperse a demonstration in the region on Thursday.

“They have arrested some of the participants in the recent marches.”

Saudi officials broke up protests in al Qatif earlier in the week:


In the third such protest in less than a week in al-Qatif demonstrators brandished the yellow banner of the Iran-backed Lebanese guerrilla group and pictures of its leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and torched Israeli flags, they said.

Interior Ministry officials could not be reached for comment.

The Kingdom, which fears the rising influence of Shi’ite power Iran, has denounced Israel’s military campaign against Lebanon and called for a ceasefire, but has also blamed Hizbollah for provoking the 23-day-old conflict.

Residents said police set up check points around the city to prevent more people from joining the protestors, estimated to number 1,000.

And… via Instapundit, a Saudi cleric is now denouncing the “Party of Satan!”

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