New Jersey Democrat Caught in Ethics Violations, Steps Down

On August 10, 2006, New Jersey State Attorney General Zulima Farber told the press:

“New Jersey residents must be able to count on the fact that officials who make decisions on state contracts won’t be subject to influence by vendors who offer generous freebies.”

On August 15, 2006, New Jersey State Attorney General Zulima Farber stepped down from office for offering a generous freebie.

New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber, right, and New Jersey Gov.Jon S. Corzine leave a news conference in Trenton, N.J., Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2006, where Farber announced her resignation effective August 31. (AP)

The Democratic Attorney General of New Jersey became the first AG in modern times to resign in scandal:

Zulima Farber became the first New Jersey attorney general in modern history to resign in scandal, announcing her decision yesterday after a special prosecutor determined she violated state ethics rules by aiding her boyfriend at a traffic stop earlier this year.

Gov. Jon Corzine, who pledged a “zero tolerance policy” for ethics infractions in his administration, stood side by side with Farber as they made the announcement at a somber news conference in the governor’s Statehouse office last night. Just seven months earlier, the pair stood in the same room as Corzine tapped Farber as the first Hispanic to serve as New Jersey’s chief law enforcement official.

Six other New jersey officials were indicted last week with corruption charges.
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Update: And here is a doozy from Governor “I played in the Big Leages (see bleow)” Richardson and his Walmart activism.

Astute Blogger has his own list of democratic scandal.

Previous Democratic Corruption Convictions and Scandal (from the past year and a half):

Alabama- Not a crime but indictment against the former Democratic Governor
Alabama’s former Democratic Governor was indicted on federal charges of racketeering, fraud, bribery, extortion and obstruction of justice.

Arkansas- Sex for Running Water!
Dem. Mayor Keeps Your Water Running for a Little Faucet Work

St. Louis – (Missouri and Illinois) 16 convictions of voter fraud, election violations, and attempted murder of a federal voter fraud witness
East St. Louis makes Voter Fraud a Business
“Guilty” Verdict in ESL Voter Fraud Trial
Convicting Democrats is New St. Louis Pastime
Another One Bites the Dust from the “Culture of Corruption” Party
Area Democrat Pleads Guilty of Plotting to Murder Federal Voter Fraud Case Witness!

More Democrats to be Indicted in East St. Louis

Florida- Democrat Contribution Scandal
Records: Democrats took illegal contributions ($1 Million)

Georgia- Former Mayor Convicted of Tax Evasion
Former mayor Bill Campbell was acquitted Friday of lining his pockets with payoffs
Ex-Atlanta mayor gets jail (2 1/2 years) for evading taxes

Illinois- Mayor Arrested for bribery charges
Not That You Would Know, But Today’s Arrested Mayor Is Democrat

Louisiana- Former Aide Convicted, Representative Under Investigation
Former Aide Pleads Guilty, Will Testify Against Rep. Jefferson
Six aides were served subpoenas to testify in the bribery case against Re. Jefferson

Nevada- Representative Candidate Convicted of Conspiracy
Woops! Another Glitch for “Speaker” Pelosi

New Mexico- Democratic Governor Lied on His Resume
Governor Richardson admits after nearly four decades that he was not drafted by a major league baseball team as he had claimed.

New Jersey & Ohio- Accusations of Voter Fraud
Dead People Voting in New Jersey
Quick, Somebody Call Ohio!
Six Treasury officials Indicted for Corruption
Attorney General Quits in Ethics Violation’s Breach
Don’t Forget the Massive Fannie Mae Scandal

New York- Where democratic lawmakers more likely than the general population to be criminals!
Gloria Davis– Democrat- Accepted Bribes
Diane Gordon– Democrat – $500,000 Bribe
Clarence Norman Jr.– Democrat- Larceny Charges
Kevin Parker– Demo
crat- Pulls a McKinney (Jacks Cop!)
Ada Smith– Democrat- Pulled a McKinney
Roger Green- Democrat- Falsified Travel Expenses
** Mr. Green is now running for US Congress!

North Carolina- Fraud
U.S. Representative sentenced to four years for fraud

Texas- Democrats Guilty in Campaign Financing
Texas Contractors pled guilty to illegal campaign donations to Democrats.

Washington DC- Marion Barry Again Convicted
Marion Barry was sentenced to three years of probation tax evation

Washington State- Evidence of Organized Voter Fraud
Election officials knowingly and unlawfully counted ballots from ineligible voters

West Virginia – At least 6 Convictions of Voter Fraud this Year
West Virginia Democrats Charged with Vote Buying
Senator Byrd Loses Support

Another One Bites the Dust from the “Culture of Corruption” Party
Democrat Pleads Guilty to Buying Votes for Gravel Roads
More Democratic Voter Fraud Charges

Wisconsin- State Senate Majority Leader pleads guilty to two felonies
Senate Majority Leader Democrat pled guilty to two campaign finance felonies.
Lawmaker’s son, 3 others, sentenced for slashing tires

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