Natan Sharansky Blogger Teleconference -2-

One Jerusalem held another of its Newsmaker blogger conference calls today from Jerusalem

Natan Sharansky believes that the truest expression of democracy is the ability to stand in the middle of a town square and express one’s views without fear of imprisonment.”

Natan Sharansky and President Bush at the White House on November 11, 2004.

Throughout the military operations in Lebanon, Mr. Sharansky has been a vocal exponent of the need for Israel to defeat Hezbollah. For Mr. Sharansky there is no substitute for victory.

Today, Natan Sharansky provided the callers with an eyewitness account of events on the ground from Jerusalem.
Mr. Sharansky spoke and then took questions from the participants.

Here is just a small piece of what was discussed:

The current situation in Israel:
* Over 150 missiles were shot into Israel today and the day is not over.
An Israeli woman and her child were killed in an attack today.
* The people remain united to defeat Hezbollah.

The role of the United Nations:
* The UN is not capable of ridding Lebanon of Hezbollah
* We are fighting for the future of the Israeli people

Allen Roth- One Jerusalem :
What is the mood of the people?
– The people understand that we need to fight this terror
– 2,000,000 people are now in shelters

Rich R. -Jewish Current Issue: The will to fight?
– Sharansky- The people want to fight as long as Israel is willing to win.

Pamela- Atlas Shrugs:
What kind of time are we looking at?
Sharansky- Iran is warning about the destruction of Israel. It is not the time for negotiations.

Anne Lieberman- Boker tov, Boulder! took part of the discussion.

TigerHawk Your views on democracy on the region with the recent elections of Hamas, etc.?
– Democracy is the best way for a lasting peace. We should not confuse democracy with elections.

Israeli Pundit and John HawkinsRight Wing News took part in the discussion.

Gateway Pundit- Saudi Arabia arrest of Hezbollah protesters?
– Many Arab regimes are afraid of the Iran. The Saudis want Hezbollah defeated but at the same time do not want Israel to win. Remember that Saudi Arabia is a regime still giving support to terrorist groups.

Allen Roth and David Goder from One Jerusalem organized the call and led the discussion today.

Anatoly (Natan) and Avital Sharansky phone President Reagan in 1986 to thank him for Natan’s release from prison.

Please check out the other listed blogs and One Jerusalem website for more coverage from the call today.

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