John Murtha Is Caught in a "Cold Blooded" Haditha Lie

Here is an earlier post about Murtha’s source for his “cold blooded” remarks he made to the media about our US Marines back on March 17, 2006:

Murtha Is Caught Lying About His “Cold Blooded” Source

Murtha said it was General Hagee who gave him the information:


The head of the U.S. Marine Corps briefed Rep. John Murtha on the Haditha case after the vocal war critic publicly said Marines had killed innocent civilians in that Iraqi city, the Corps said on Thursday…

Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, is being sued by one of the accused Marines for libel. He (Murtha) had told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Gen. Michael Hagee had given him the information on which he based his charge that Marines killed innocent civilians.

Today, Patterico follows up with a response from General Hagees office:

I heard back from General Hagee’s office yesterday regarding my inquiry about when Gen. Hagee briefed John Murtha about Haditha. The bottom line: Gen. Hagee’s office has directly contradicted an assertion by the L.A. Times that Gen. Hagee briefed John Murtha on Haditha before Murtha accused Marines of killing civilians in cold blood. Gen. Hagee’s office confirmed to me that the General’s first briefing to Murtha took place a week after Murtha had already made his public accusations.

This is devistating to the anti-war liberal! He ought to be worried about this.

Maybe TIME magazine’s discredited article was his source all along.
This certainly won’t help the old goat at his trial for libel!

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