Hurrah for Hezbollah! Nasrallah Says He Will Observe UN Truce!

Hurrah! Hezbollah has accepted UN Resolution 1701, a ceasefire!

Now, things will be back to normal like the they were before.

Just like this…
A terrorist never knows when he’ll need a child as a human shield.

…As No Pasaran! posted earlier this week, the Islamic terrorists have great respect for those important International treaties like the Geneva Conventions!
(video- 16 seconds)


And, this…
Here the UN helps the terrorists with a lift to their next gig.

It’s the least the UN could do for the terrorists/freedom fighters.
(video 1 minute)

Now, Hezbollah can keep taking reporter’s passports.

And, stage their own Pallywood news.

But, please tell me this dead children rumor is not true!

And, don’t forget about those Hezbollah “freedom fighters” firing rockets from residential homes.

Hezbollah launches from residential houses – The evidence!
(59 seconds)

Now, Hezbollah and Iran can regroup and reload!

But, at least Hezbollah will abide by the cease-fire.

It’s time to wave that Hezbollah flag again.

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