Holy Cows!

Holy Cow! The nutjobs are massing!

Holy Cow! Exploding NFL fans!

Holy Cow! Dead men holding press conferences and providing universal healthcare.

Holy Cow! No terrorists here, sir.

And, Holy Cow… for real!

A Hindu carries a placard that reads ‘Declare Nepal a Hindu state with the holy cow protecting the nation again’ during a protest in the Nepali capital Kathmandu August 3, 2006. Hindus took out a protest rally by blockading roads with burning tyres and shouting slogans against parliamentarians. (REUTERS/Gopal Chitrakar)

Holy Cow! Leftist Jew-hating Christians!

Holy Leftist Fellati(J)o!

Holy Cow! Lie down with the emotionally unstable, wake up with the crazies.

Holy Roundup!

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