Goodbye Moderate Democratic Party… Hello Wack Left

Today is a day for goodbyes.

Goodbye Democratic Senator Lieberman…
Goodbye Moderate Democrats…

…Hello Wack Left.

Goodbye, voice of reason… Hello, “Bush is Hitler!”
Goodbye, integrity… Hello, “9-11 was an inside job!”
Goodbye, Islamo-fascist enemies… Hello “Bush killed my son!”
Goodbye billions for Defense funding… Hello billions lost in a terror attack.
Goodbye capitalism… Hello Chavez communist sympathizers.
Goodbye democratic Iraq… Hello Cut and Run.
Goodbye “confronting terror”… hello softness.


Today is the day to say goodbye to the old school democrats. The Jazzy New Radical Left is here to stay, baby!

So long, Joe Lieberman… It was real.

Lori Byrd at Wizbang is following today’s shrinking tent story.
WILLisms looks at third party candidates.

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