German Authorities Release Terror Suspect Photos (Updated)

Video of the German arrest HERE

German officials announced that those suitcase bombs found on two trains two weeks ago near Cologne were in fact part of a terror plot.

…I blame Iraq.

German police are searching for two men after they announced that the suitcase bombs found on German trains were likely part of a terror plot. (Deutsche Welle)


German authorities are just now admitting that the suitcase bombs they found on trains were part of a terror plot:

If the around 25-kilo (55-lb.) suitcase bombs had exploded they would have lead to “a fireball” in the train carriages and an “indeterminate number of injured and possible deaths,” he said.

Speaking in Berlin Friday, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble also warned that Germany should brace itself for similar attempts. “Unfortunately, we must assume that the danger of a repeat of these attempted attacks.”

The discovery of the two bombed sparked a series of scares at railway stations across Germany with parts of the central station in Düsseldorf sealed off Friday after a suspicious suitcase was found. Officials in Düsseldorf later gave the all-clear, saying it had been a false alarm.

The BKA press conference had been called to report on the investigation into the discovery of the suitcases which contained bottles of petrol, propane gas and a detonating device in trains at Dortmund and Koblenz railway stations. Speaking to reporters, the BKA chief said that it was unlikely that the bombs found at the two German railway stations represented an attempt to blackmail the German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn.

…The authorities dismissed claims that the German plot was connected to the on-going instability in Lebanon despite the discovery of a smaller bag within one of the suitcases which was printed with Arab text and comes from a business in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

Bloomberg notes some differences from the Madrid and London bombings:

The German attempt differs from the attacks in London and Madrid because the bombs weren’t supposed to go off during rush hour and in the train stations, and instead were primed to ignite 10 minutes before the train’s arrival in Dortmund and Koblenz, Zierke said. Gas was used instead of explosives and no one has claimed responsibility for the planned attacks, he said.

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