Far Left (NEW Democratic Party) Celebrates Primary Win

The Kos led NEW Democratic Party wasted no time celebrating the BIG WIN for the Far Left. So long Joe Lieberman… So long moderate democrats! So long Big Tent! Hello Party of Nutroots!

And, they ate their own…

Via Whiskey Bar

Bye-Bye, mein Lieber Herr.
Farewell, mein Lieber Herr.
It was a fine affair,
But now it’s over.
And though I used to care,
I need the open air.
You’re better off without me,
Mein Herr.

But, the attacks on Joe Lieberman are not over, far from it! Here is the to-do list from Kos for the next few days:


Here’s what we all need to do the next few days:

1. Push Harry Reid to strip Lieberman of all committee assignments.
2. Let people know what a sore loser Lieberman is.
3. Get all Democrats — including Bill Clinton — to publicly back Ned Lamont.
4. Get the Democratic interest groups who backed Lieberman to switch allegiances in the general.

Lieberman concedes to the Far Left.
The Anchoress has thoughts on what this means.
Blue Crab Boulevard notes that the first Kos scalp is that of a democrat.
The New Editor asks about this newly radicalized political party.

Ken Mehlman had thoughts on this sobering moment for our nation.

And, this about sums it up, (Via Drudge) “Win for the wackadoo wing”:

…So now that the wackadoo wing of the party has a bloody scalp, what are they going to do with it? Wave it at Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Lebanon and Afghanistan and Indonesia and Great Britain and Spain and Israel and New York and declare peace? That will work for sure. They better also wear armor and duck.

Oh, and don’t forget Somalia and Russia and Thailand.

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