Celebrating Bill & Speculative Appearances

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. at the American Spectator joins the months long celebration of Bill Clinton’s 60th birthday:

At Clinton’s birthday celebration in New York on October 29 I wonder if Catherine C. Mayo will put in an appearance. She might well be the Cindy Sheehan of the moment. At her recent court appearance in Boston she proudly wore a Rolling Stones T-shirt, and she is definitely on the Clintons’ side in the present 1960s intergenerational rivalry. Mayo, 59, is the lady whose disruptive behavior on a transatlantic flight to Washington, D.C. caused the plane to land in Boston. She opposes the Bush Administration. On the airplane she spoke mysteriously of some sort of relationship with Al Qaeda and at one point lowered her pants and urinated in the aisle — a peace demonstration that I think all will agree clearly got out of hand.

Maybe Babs will break out with another verse of “Memories”.

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