Blogger Conference with Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold

“Israel is even calling homes and warning residents that unless they move the stored rockets, their home will become a target!”

Former UN Ambassador Dore Gold
August 1, 2006

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold

Ambassador Dore Gold is Israel’s former Ambassador to the UN and two-time NY Times bestselling author of Hatred’s Kingdom and Tower of Babble – How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos. Ambassador Gold talked today on a blogger conference from Jerusalem to update bloggers on what is happening in Israel.


Ambassador Gold addressed a wide range of issues including the recent incident in Kfar Qana, an alternative to a cease-fire, and the role of the UN. sponsored the event.

Ambassador Dore Gold:

First of all a bit on Hezbollah-
– Israel withdrew from Lebanon completely fulfilling UN resolutions even garnisheing the blessing of the UN at the time of withdrawal.
– Kofi Annan only elevated Nasrallah when he met with him after Israel left Lebanon in June, 2000.
– Nasrallah has preached that the US is the principle enemy, not Israel.
– As a result of Israel departing from southern Lebanon, Hezbollah was strengthened with help from Iran.
– UN Resolution 1559 attempted to disarm the militias in Lebanon. If the militias would have been disarmed the current crisis would not be happening. Israel by disarming Hezbollah is restoring security. By disarming Hezbollah, Irael is helping the democratic movement of the Cedar Revolution and Israel is also helping to fulfill UN resolution 1559.

On Iran-
– Iran’s aim is to dominate Iraq and the region. Iran has an ally in Syria.
– Israel’s strategy includes isolating Hezbollah from its Irainian suppliers.
– This is the only way to beat the Hezbollah insurgency.

On Syria-
– It was Syrian agents who assassinated the Lebanese Prime Minister in 2005.
– Syria has been the pivital country supporting the insurgency in Iraq.
– Somehow, those who propose that Syria become a major player are suffering from amnesia.

What to do:
– This is such a clearcut war.
– Syria and Iran are clearly trying to expand their domain.
– The media is trying to portray Israel as the criminal in this war.
– “Civilian casualties” is one area that the media is exploiting.
– Hezbollah is the clear party that is responsible.
Most people in the world do not realize the extent that Israel is going to to avoid civilian casualties.
– In Qana leaflets dropped in June asking the people to leave.

** Israel is even calling homes and warning residents that unless they move the stored rockets, their home will become a target!

Israel is united in this effort.

John Hawkins– John asks about the “warning phone calls” given to Lebanese residents holding munitions
Dore Gold– It is actually a principle put into the practice by the Israeli military.

Pamela– Iran and North Korea cooperation?
Dore Gold– Iran is making great sums of money and is probably funding the North Koreans.

Anne Leiberman Boker Tov, Boulder!– Question about being Jewish.
Dore Gold– Sometimes the elements are mixed between politics and antisemitism.

Question: What about the Hariri assasination investigation?
Dore Gold: We are not seeing the UN investigation into the Hariri assassination make and don’t expect to as long as this crisis continues.

Gateway Pundit: Any thoughts on the strange Beirut Center for Research Poll from Lebanon last week that claims that 80% of Christians in Lebanon support Hezbollah?
Dore Gold: I have trouble with any poll from a country where people live in fear for our lives.

Boker Tov: What about Qana?
Dore Gold: Dore Gold thanked British and US bloggers for highlighting inconsistencies in the Main Stream Media stories about the bombing in Qana.

Pamela: Any thoughts on repercussions on the media slander against Israel?
Dore Gold: Example would be Kofi Annan, and his immediate reaction to the attack last week on the UN. The Canadian email cleared the Israelis saying that the area was crawling with Hezbollah. UNIFIL itself have complained about Hezbollah in their areas on different occasions.

Boker Tov: Can an ethical force win?
Dore Gold: Israel’s military can both remain highly ethical and be victorious over a cynical and diabolical enemy like Hezbollah.

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Atlas does not mess around. She was actually in the room with Ambassador Dore Gold during the presentation.
Rick of Current Jewish Issues and Allan Roth of OneJerusalem.Org also took part in the call.

And, Boker tov, Boulder! notes the strange references to Nasrallah from the Washington Post.

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