Strange Lebanese Poll has Christians Backing Hezbollah

A closer look at the very strange poll coming from Beirut Center for Research and Information…

The Lebanon Daily Star discusses the weird polling results that were released from Lebanon on Friday from the Beirut Center for Research and Information:

Polls during wartime are even more problematic. So we must gingerly absorb the implications of the poll conducted this week among a national sample of Lebanese citizens, by the Beirut Center for Research and Information, to assess attitudes toward Hizbullah, the US and the Lebanese government. Stressful conditions no doubt generate skewed and dramatic results. Some of the poll’s findings – e.g., that 80 percent of Christians support Hizbullah’s ongoing resistance against Israel, and that 89 percent of all Lebanese believe the US has not reacted positively to Lebanon and is not a fair mediator in this conflict – will be questioned as distorted by wartime angst. Fair enough.

Sorry, but it is VERY difficult to believe that 80% of the Christians would support Hezbollah under any circumstance.

Here is more from Abdo Saad, the director for the Beirut Center for Research and Information:

A polling expert predicted that the effect of the attacks would be further radicalization of Lebanese Shia: “‘The Shia will never forgive the Israelis for this,’ said Abdo Saad of the Beirut Center for Research and Information that carries out surveys in Lebanon. Mr. Abdo did an ad hoc poll of the mood among Shia displaced by the fighting and said that they were ‘defiant.'”

In related news:

Ken McCracken at WILLisms put together a terrific list of facts on Lebanon and the current crisis.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs posted a link to Obsession– a film that looks at the war declared on the West by Radical Islam. (1 hour 18 minutes)

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