St. Louis Crisis Continues- 300,000 Left Without Power!

Over 300,000 were left without power as of Sunday morning after the storms that hit the area on Wednesday and Friday.
70,000 homes and businesses had their power restored during the night on Sunday.

Question: Guess which food item, besides ice, that the local grocery store ran out of on Saturday?
(Answer at bottom of posting.)

“Car for Sale”
That’s what the sign says hanging from the hood.

This car is a few blocks from my home. It was flattened by a tree during the first storm that hit St. Louis on Wednesday night. Needs some TLC!


This tree was uprooted during the storm and took the sidewalk with it. It is about 8 feet in diameter!

This is a look at the local power outages in the St. Louis region.

Nurses are urgently needed in the St. Louis hospitals.
The Metro East communities are still under a boil order.

Answer: Baking Soda- for all of the refrigerators that were without power.

Thankfully, the temperatures came down from the high 90’s earlier in the week this weekend.

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Update: (10:00 PM CST) There are still around 250,000 without power in the St. Louis metro area.

Update 2: (Monday AM) Ameren UE is still reporting that 225,000 area residents and businesses are without power.

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