Now You Can Send Your Complaints to Syria

Or Does It Explode blog from Morocco has found a picture of an infamous sign at the Syrian-Lebanese border leading into Syria…

Now you have the opportunity to send Syrian President Bashar al-Assad any complaints or comments you may have about how Syria is working in the region.

Please fax your complaints to the office of the General Customs Director.
Phone Number: 00963-11-2121655

** Or, go have a sit down with Bashar Assad, himself!


Or Does It Explode notes:

If the Saudi clan can rename Arabia after themselves then why shouldn’t the Assads do the same. It’s also truth in advertising – not to mention a convenient sign: it hasn’t needed to be changed in over three decades.

Remember: “Your comfort is our concern!”

…Unless, of course, you are a civil rights activist trying to leave the country!

In related news, Israel sent forces into Lebanon today.
Pajamas Media has a roundup of news on the crisis.

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