Not Making the Headlines Today – Joe Biden's Racist Remarks

Joe Biden…

“You CANNOT go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without an Indian accent.”

National Journal has the video.

Once again, if Joe Biden were a Republican what are the odds that this story would not be slapped all over the front pages by now? Unreal!


Update: Biden’s office explained the Senator’s comments today:

Biden’s office said the senator admires, supports and respects the Indian-American community — and also sought to explain his gaff.

“The point Senator Biden was making is that there has been a vibrant Indian-American community in Delaware for decades. It has primarily been made up of engineers, scientists and physicians, but more recently, middle-class families are moving into Delaware and purchasing family-run small businesses,” said Margaret Aitken, a Biden spokeswoman.

“These families have greatly contributed to the vibrancy of the Indian-American community in Delaware and are making a significant contribution to the national economy as well,” she said.

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