Islamic Terrorists Warn India of Fresh Attacks

The terror group, Lashkar-e-Qahhar or Army of the Subduer, who took responsibility for the deadly Mumbai blasts on Saturday followed up with a message warning Muslims of new attacks at historic sites in Mumbai and Delhi:

The death toll has fluctuated since the explosions a week ago on packed commuter trains. It rose Tuesday from 182 to 207 after officials added people who died after being taken to hospitals in Thane, a town outside Bombay.

The group claiming responsibility, Lashkar-e-Qahhar, first claimed responsibility for the bombings in an e-mail Saturday to Aaj Tak television, although investigators say they are still trying to verify the claim.

The group on Tuesday addressed doubts about its initial claim of responsibility, and added that it plans to provide audio and video proof that it carried out the series of bombings that ripped through Bombay’s packed commuter rail network during the evening rush hour.

Lashkar said in the e-mail, provided to The Associated Press by Aaj Tak, that 16 people took part in the July 11 attacks in Bombay, also known as Mumbai, and that one of them was killed.

But “all the remaining 15 mujahideens (sic) are totally safe, and celebrating the success of this mission and also preparing for the next mission,” said the e-mail, which was written in poorly punctuated and often ungrammatical English.

“We also request all the Muslim brothers and sisters of India to (not) go near the main historical, governmental and the monumental places of India (especially in Delhi and Mumbai) in future,” the e-mail said. “Otherwise, they get hurt too.”

The e-mail was signed by a man calling himself Abu Mahaz, who identified himself as Lashkar’s spokesman and the head of its “media group.”

** The Jack Smith connection:

The first message sent on Saturday to a private Indian news agency was sent from the e-mail address [email protected], said explosions were carried out in retaliation for the incidents in Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat.

Lashker-e-Qahar, or Army of the Subduer, takes its name from Asma-ul-Husna, or 99 beautiful names of Allah. The group is responsible for setting off bomb blasts in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, which killed 15 people and injured over 100 back in March.


Jihad Watch has more on the explosives used in the blasts last week.

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