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And, notice the Saturday 5-7 PM CST time slot!
That’s right!… I’ll be on the air tonight from 5-7 PM Central!


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Tonight: Lon Nordeen, Middle East expert on military and political history will be on the show. Lon is the author of:

Fighters Over Israel – “One of the few really great accounts of the Heyl Ha’Avir’s (Israeli Air Force)distinguished and colorful history.”


Phoenix Over the Nile – “Recounting the origins, operational history, and battle performance of an air force that stands as one of the most capable and combat-experienced in the world, the book provides for the first time the Egyptian military perspective on the Arab-Israeli wars.”

Lon has has studied the Middle East situation for years and offers his unique and somewhat moderate position on the current crisis. This ought to be a great show tonight.

John Stephenson also debuts his show this afternoon.

** Note- This show was originally going to be the “The Jim & Joe Show” with my twin brother as co-host. Since he is traveling to Australia, it will be the “The Jim & Joe Show Minus Joe” this week.

Update: Thanks to Lon Nordeen and all of the callers! That was a great discussion. Hopefully, Lon will come back on the show sometime.

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