Democrats Clueless on War & Clueless on Cost

$6 – $9 – $8 – $10 – $12 billion…
Democrats have no idea how much the War in Iraq has cost this country.

Democrats again today denounced the ongoing War in Iraq and pressured the president to withdraw troops:

Bush’s “open-ended commitment” to Iraq should be abandoned, the letter asserted, in the interest of “American national security, our troops, and our taxpayers.”

The three-year-old war has cost the United States more than $300 billion so far, and the tab is growing by $3 billion every week ($12 billion per month), the Democratic leaders wrote.

But, back on June 22, 2006, Harry Ried said this at The Huffington Post:


“The war is now costing the American people upwards of $10 billion per month.

The democratic hawk, John Murtha said on Sunday June 18, 2006:

The war was costing $8 billion dollars a month.

A week earlier in June, Murtha reported:

The war cost $9 billion a month.

And, back in December the anti-military hawk John Murtha said:

It’s costing $6 billion a month.

So… Do democrats have ANY idea how much this war is costing?

No wonder they come off as fickle to voters!

Sadly, the democrats have already forgotten how much that one day back in September of 2001 cost this country.

Via Center for Contemporary Conflict:
Here is a list of the immediate costs from the 9-11 attacks:

The September 11 attacks inflicted casualties and material damages on a far greater scale than any other terrorist aggression in recent history. Lower Manhattan lost approximately 30 percent of its office space and a number of businesses ceased to exist. Close to 200,000 jobs were destroyed or relocated out of New York City, at least temporarily. The destruction of physical assets was estimated in the national accounts to amount to $14 billion for private businesses, $1.5 billion for state and local government enterprises and $0.7 billion for federal enterprises. Rescue, cleanup and related costs have been estimated to amount to at least $11 billion for a total direct cost of $27.2 billion.

The total costs of the 9-11 attacks in 2001 cost the country $639.3 billion.

Not to mention that 9-11 also cost the country more than 1.6 million jobs.

But, obviously some people have already forgotten about that.

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