Democrats Are Blocking Release of WMD Report!

Breaking: Rep. Peter Hoekstra announced this afternoon in an interview with radio host Sean Hannity that Democrats are blocking the release of the WMD reports from Iraq!

Democrats must be a nervous about the findings since they have been calling President Bush a liar for years now even though Democrats were just as vocal as Republicans before Operation Iraqi Freedom about the WMD threat of Saddam Hussein.

Later, after democrats started their “Bush Lied” campaign, their words were curiously forgotten by the liberal press who made is sound as if George Bush was the only official to claim there were weapons in Iraq when just the opposite was true.

Now, democrats and their supporters are downplaying the discovery of more than 500 shells of chemical weapons in Iraq:


The head of the House intelligence panel is calling the national intelligence director to task for misrepresenting the discovery of chemical munitions in Iraq. Why is the intelligence establishment playing games?

A strongly worded letter sent last week by Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., complained to John Negroponte about a June 21 press briefing that Negroponte’s office organized and in which unidentified intelligence officials made “inaccurate, incomplete and occasionally misleading comments” to reporters.

Reporters were told that CIA weapons inspectors in Iraq weren’t interested in weapons of mass destruction produced before the 1991 Gulf War. “This assertion is demonstrably false,” Hoekstra wrote, and he quoted from the Transmittal Message to the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) report.

Rep Jane Harman (D-CA) even compared the discovery of the munitions to the chemicals under her kitchen sink. (Perhaps the FBI should be giving the good Representative a visit?)

Democrats also claim that the production date of the discovered weapons in Iraq nullifed the find even though WMD currently found from World War I are considered “extremely dangerous.”

But, today’s interview with Sean Hannity is the first time that it was reported that democrats were blocking the full release of the WMD discoveries from operation Iraqi Freedom.

Brent Bozell II has more on how the media ignoring this WMD news.

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Prairie Pundit has news of older chemical weapons than the ones found in Iraq that are still regarded as very dangerous.

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