Democrat McCaskill Finance Fiasco Heats Up in Missouri

The liberal democrat senate hopeful, Claire McCaskill, is still in hot water for questions about her fianancial disclosures.

There are more questions on Claire McCaskill’s finances:

The Missouri Republican Party today demanded that Claire McCaskill disclose publicly the exact ownership interests in all real property she and her husband own after her Washington D.C. lawyer Marc Elias admitted that McCaskill’s husband does have an ownership interest in the Festus Gardens Apartments even though the ownership was not included in her financial disclosure report to the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee.

The Missouri Republican Party filed a 10-page ethics complaint against Claire McCaskill on Wednesday, documenting the myriad of ways in which McCaskill has failed to comply with federal financial disclosure laws. As an example of the McCaskill failure to disclose property, the Missouri GOP traced the public records that demonstrate McCaskill’s husband Joseph Shepard owns a portion of the Festus Gardens Apartments in Festus, Mo. In response to the ethics complaint, McCaskill complained to The Kansas City Star that the she found the Senate Ethics forms “confusing.”

“We selected one of hundreds of properties to prove in black and white that McCaskill is violating the disclosure laws and included it in our complaint and the lawyer who advised McCaskill in preparing the report admitted to the media that, in fact, McCaskill’s family does have an ownership interest in Festus Gardens,” said Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party. “The Democrats’ tireless efforts to hide information about Claire McCaskill’s financial reports apparently include misstatements of law even by their lawyers in Washington.”

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