Canadian Held in New York Tunnel Plot

5 out of 8 Islamic Extremists involved in the New York “martyrdom” terror plot are still at large.

Assem Hammoud, the group’s leader. was arrested in Lebanon in connection with the plot. (AP)

A Canadian is being held in an overseas prison in connection to the New York terror threats reported Friday:

The suspect is one of eight people — three of them in custody — who investigators allege were planning suicide attacks on heavily used commuter tunnels leading to southern Manhattan. Authorities had been monitoring the group for more than a year on websites popular with Islamic extremists and feared they would attack within months.

A report about the alleged plot, and arrests that occurred in Beirut in April, were published Friday in a New York tabloid, which prompted officials to reveal that they headed off a possible strike on tunnels from New York to New Jersey.

“Plotting for this attack had matured to a point where it appeared that the individuals were about to move forward,” Federal Bureau of Investigation assistant director Mark Mershon told a news conference.

There does not appear to be a connection between the group described Friday and the 17 terror suspects arrested in and around Toronto last month. Individuals at mosques some of the 17 Toronto-area suspects frequented said authorities had not approached them regarding the Canadian believed to be part of the New York plot.

Of the five suspects still at large, none are believed to be in the United States. However, U.S. officials told ABC News some may be in Canada.

NYC Tunnel Plot Investigation Leaked to Reporters

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