Bolton Officially Names Syria and Iran in Mideast Violence

Live United Nations Webcast HERE
(Friday 7-14-06 AM)

UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan (Stingy Americans) Egeland says:
“Israel’s disproportionate response led to the evolving Gaza crisis.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Friday that the US and the West poses no serious threat to Iran:


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that despite their savage and criminal nature, the occupying regime of Qods and its Western supporters do not dare to pose even the slightest threat against Iran.

“Thanks God, despite its criminal and savage nature, the Zionist regime and its supporters in the West do not have the power to look in the same way towards Iran,” President Ahmadinejad said in an address to a group of people in provincial city of Osku.

“Attacks by the Zionist regime against its neighbours, notably Lebanon, Syria, and its threats against other countries in the region are due to the fact that the artificial and sinister regime cannot live normally,” he added.

He said crime, violence, aggression and plundering are distinctive features of the Zionist regime.

On Thursday, President Ahmadinejad warned Israel that an attack on Syria would be taken as an attack on the Islamic World.

Ahmadinejad called Syrian President Bashar Assad to discuss the recent attacks by the “Zionist Regime” and to condemn the international silence regarding this matter.

Earlier today, Ambassador John Bolton officially named Syria and Iran as collaborators in the current Israel-Lebanon conflict. Via Conservative Voice:

Ambassador Bolton called upon both Iran and Syria to stop their support and continuing provocations toward continuing the conflict. He also called upon the newly elected Lebanese leadership to crack down on its own internal terrorist groups.

The Hezbollah actions against Israel are believed to have been begun under the auspices and leadership of Iran and Syria, in order to stop any actions by the UN Security Council towards Iran for its continuing nuclear development. Iran is thought to have its nuclear weapons development program underway.

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