BBC Justifies the Terrorist Attack Inside Israel

Just when you thought the BBC had run out of Anti-Israeli stories comes this piece of terrorist propaganda from today’s news wires…

Who are the Mid-East prisoners?

This you won’t believe!
The BBC replays the Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorist propaganda straight from the mouth of Nasrallah. The article starts out with this misstatement:

Israel’s military operation against Hezbollah began as a reply to the capture of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese militia on 12 July.

Actually, it was when Hezbollah terrorists attacked Israeli territory, killed 8 soldiers and kidnapped two others… but why bother with facts when there are terrorists out there that need support!

The BBC continues:

The campaign quickly grew into an all-out assault against Hezbollah, but the prisoner issue remains an emotive one among Israelis, Lebanese and Palestinians.

BBC News examines the prisoner issue at the heart of the current Middle East crisis.

In this last sentence the BBC twists this current crisis and plays to Hezbollah propaganda.

Justifying its seizure of the two Israelis, Hezbollah said it mounted the raid in an effort to secure the release of Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Although Israel holds thousands of what it calls security prisoners, most of those are Palestinian (see below). Following a major prisoner swap in early 2004, in which more than 400 prisoners were released to Hezbollah in exchange for a reservist colonel and the bodies of three Israeli soldiers, Israel now admits to holding just three Lebanese.

Chief among those is Samir Qantar, serving five life sentences for murder after attacking a civilian apartment block in Nahariya in 1979. Danny Haran was killed in front of his four-year-old daughter; the girl’s skull was then crushed with a rifle butt (by Kuntar). Cowering inside, Smadar Haran accidentally smothered her two-year-old daughter to death as she hid in a cupboard trying to stay silent.

It gets worse.
It’s hard to imagine a western news agency writing anything that could show more sympathy to the terrorist cause. What’s next are they going to blame the next massive Al Qaeda attack on Gitmo?

This piece of terrorist sympathizing crap will be hard to top for the BBC.

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