At Brandenburg Gate, Protesters Chant "Death to Zionists!"

Berliners held a “Death to the Zionists!…Death to Israel!” protest today at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany!
Via Charles Johnson

Here are a few shots from the event in Germany…

A Lebanese woman shouts anti-Israeli slogans while holding up a placard of Hizbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in Berlin, July 17, 2006. (Reuters)

Reuters reports:


A Reuters witness said demonstrators were chanting “death to Israel” and “death to Zionists”, while some carried placards bearing the image of Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Palestinian and Lebanese protesters shout anti-Israeli slogans and hold up recent news pictures showing injured children in Lebanon in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, July 17, 2006. (Reuters)

A woman holds up a picture during a rally of some 1,200 Lebanese and Palestinian protesters against Israel in Berlin July 17, 2006. The text on the placard reads: “Self-defence?” (Reuters)

A child holds a picture during an anti-Israeli protest of some 1,200 Palestinians and Lebanese in front of Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate, July 17, 2006. (REUTERS/Alexandra Beckstein)

And, here is another gathering at the Brandenburg Gate a while back…

Adolf Hitler rides in a motorcade through the Brandenburg Gate to the opening ceremonies of the 11th Olympiad in Berlin. (August 1, 1936)

Not far from the protest today…

…Sits the German Holocaust Memorial a major memorial to the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust within sight of the Brandenburger protesters. (faintly seen in the distance).
Tom Pechinski

And, Atlas has amazing photos from the New York Pro-Israel protest earlier today. Elie Wiesel thanked God for Bush and then there was Hillary.

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