An Iraqi Describes Liberation From Saddam

Lawk Salih sends a writing on the liberation of Iraq:

On April 8th, 2003 the U.S. and Coalition forces entered Iraq to in order to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical regime. The decision was made by the U.S. government after the terrorist attacks occurred in the United States that damaged the Pentagon and brought down the Twin Towers in New York City. Three thousand innocent lives were taken by extremist Muslims originating from the UAE and Saudi Arabia in corporation with the Al-Qaeda Network based in Afghanistan.

With the support of the American public, President Bush made the decision, along with the British Government, to destroy all terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Iraq. The decision also freed the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. It helped them freely elect their own government, ministries, and to run their own affairs without interference from any brutal dictators such as Saddam in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This invasion caused a harsh reaction by terrorist organizations around the world, primarily the Al-Qaeda group in Afghanistan. It allowed them to recruit weak-minded individuals and they managed to brain wash and prepare them for suicidal attacks against Iraqis and U.S. forces. These merciless groups attack innocents without any hesitation and their tactics are despicable. They behead them and kill powerless children and women in order to promote a disgusting ideology within the region and to create hatred towards western democracy. Video tapes have shown their attacks on government institutions, educational facilities, and supermarkets that outraged millions of people around the world. Their attacks have led to the murder of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and innocent people.

We marked the third year of the invasion this year and it seems like the U.S. government has done its job removing Saddam Hussein but still has trouble securing a government body in Iraq that will defend itself and help fight terrorism. The U.S. government is currently training the Iraqi army and security forces to defend its citizens and help draw down the number of U.S. troop in Iraq. The media in the U.S. and throughout the world has criticized the way the U.S. is handling the war in Iraq. They have published numerous articles that have heavily criticized US actions. However, they fail to communicate the “good things” that are happening in Iraq. Nearly 2,000 educational institutions have been rehabilitated with USAID funding, unemployment has dropped considerably, and more hospitals are being built in the rural areas.

In order for the U.S. to decrease its death toll in Iraq will have to train the Iraqi forces as soon as possible to do the actual fighting against these filthy jihads individuals who are willing to take innocent live out and create chaos to create an anti-U.S. alliance within Iraq. The training of Iraqi forces is vital to the withdrawal of U.S. forces. They need to be well trained to take on the security responsibilities of Iraq as a whole and to secure its borders from foreign fighters. The U.S. needs to empower non-religious groups to promote a modern society in Iraq and to respect self-determination and basic human rights. By supporting a Shia-led government, this will help create another Iran in the region and it will be difficult for us to fight terrorism in the region. They promote a secular government based on religious laws (Sharia) to limit freedom of speech, media, and self determination. We need a government that will promote a free democratic Iraq with prosperity and equal rights for all including women and children. The new government will need to recognize women’s role in the society and a government that will not deprive women from getting education and the right to choose their own destination. Iraqis need a government that is not based on a religious constitution. Rather, they need a constitution that will serve the country as a whole without any religious interference.

The Kurds have done a tremendous job promoting democracy, individual’s rights and free media. They have been busy reconstructing the northern part of Iraq (Kurdistan) with new schools, hospitals and government institutions. The region is safer then most places in the middle-east; they’re fighting terrorism along side of the United States and the Coalition forces to free all Iraq from extremist Muslims. They have given the right to women to run in the governing council. There are currently two ministries running by women from the region. It is quite an improvement for a region that was deprived and oppressed by the previous tyranny of Saddam Hussein.

Lawk Salih

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