"Worst Department Store Ever" and Outrageously Stupid!

Here is one department store that I will never have to set foot in!!

“Stupidest Store Ever!”

Zombietime has this outrageously stupid and insulting display at “Marc by Marc Jacobs” in San Francisco.


Why do loony leftists have to lack common sense and respect?

Dumb Department Store Stunt!

Zombie has several more interesting and insulting pictures from the Marc Jacobs storefront. and includes this writeup:

The upscale “Marc by Marc Jacobs” fashion outlet at 2142 Fillmore Street in San Francisco’s exclusive Pacific Heights shopping district recently unveiled a new window display: seven-foot-high blue letters spelling out the phrase


Leah Garchik, the gossip columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle, scored an exclusive scoop when she mentioned the window display in her June 2, 2006 column and then called up the Marc Jacobs company headquarters. According to Garchik:

The windows were ordered up by the visual department of Jacobs’ New York office, which tells me they were specified only for San Francisco. Store manager Moe Salimi said that no passer-by has complained.

Marc Jacobs may have an eye for fashion but how does insulting half of his customer base improve sales?… Stupid.

Composite Drawlings finds something else in the image that I missed earlier.

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