Woops!! It Wasn't a Cold Blooded Marine Massacre Afterall!

It’s a sad day for the Democratic Party. The massacre in Ishaqi was not the work of US marines afterall. The kids weren’t the cold blooded killing machines that the media and the democrats were hoping for:

Horrific images of Iraqi adults and children have fueled new allegations that U.S. troops killed civilians in the Iraqi town of Ishaqi. But ABC News has learned that military officials have completed their investigation and concluded that U.S. forces followed the rules of engagement.

A senior Pentagon official told ABC News the investigation concluded that the allegations of intentional killings of civilians by American forces are unfounded.

Military commanders in Iraq launched an investigation soon after the mid-March raid in the village of Ishaqi, about 50 miles north of Baghdad.

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell will make a statement about the Ishaqi allegations today in Baghdad, ABC News has learned.

In Ishaqi, American forces were going after a high-value terrorist target they succeeded in apprehending. The U.S. military reported in March that four people died when the troops destroyed a house from the air and ground.

But previously unaired video shot by an AP Television News cameraman at the time shows at least five children dead, several with obvious bullet wounds to the head. One adult male is also seen dead.

“Children were stuck in the room, alone and surrounded,” an unidentified man said on the video.

A total of 11 people died, according to Iraqis on the scene. The Iraqis said the people were killed by U.S. troops before the house was destroyed.

Slapstick today has a news of one marine who is sidelined by the Haditha investigation already.

And, Texas Rainmaker discovers that the mainstream media is spewing forth their anti-American, anti-military bile based on information from hardline Sunni groups opposed to the coalition forces.


Powerline has parting thoughts on Ishaqi.

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