White House Will Let Today's Hamdan Ruling Sink In

The Supreme Court ruled today that the military tribunals the government created to try terror suspects violate both American military law and the “Geneva Convention”.

** So, now that we’re all in one big Geneva ruled War on Terror Hugfest… Do you suppose this decision in any way will get the terrorists to rethink their policy of booby-trapping the bodies of our decapitated soldiers once they slaughter our young men and women after taking them prisoner?

The White House says they will review the decision before commenting.(Probably a good idea!)

ScotusBlog says the HUGE news is that Geneva applies to the thugs from Al Qaeda:

More importantly, the Court held that Common Article 3 of Geneva applies as a matter of treaty obligation to the conflict against Al Qaeda. That is the HUGE part of today’s ruling. The commissions are the least of it. This basically resolves the debate about interrogation techniques, because Common Article 3 provides that detained persons “shall in all circumstances be treated humanely,” and that “[t]o this end,” certain specified acts “are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever”—including “cruel treatment and torture,” and “outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.” This standard, not limited to the restrictions of the due process clause, is much more restrictive than even the McCain Amendment.

In his weekly column Victor Davis Hanson talks about the need for Gitmo and failed European policy towards Islamic Fundamentalism.

Allah and Michelle Malkin have much more on this terror news.

Andrew Cochran at CounterTerrorism Blog sees a solution.
John Stephenson reports that it din’t take the ACLU long to pop open the champaign.
Pundit Guy has Nancy Pelosi’s predictable response- and some old forgotten photos.

Update: Senator Frist says that he will push legislation to allow the president to use military tribunals.

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