Murtha Continues to Push Far Left Drivel as Fact

John Murtha’s latest fib(?) that he is repeating to the press, unchecked of course, is that the US War in Iraq is costing $9 Billion each month.

Just six months ago Murtha said it was costing $6 billion a month ($1.5B/week)… Now it’s at $9 billion? That’s quite a jump there, Representative!

It is not unusual for the Anti-war Hawk who associates with the communist gals from Code Pink to use inflated numbers to promote his cause. He has a history of taking an extreme number and repeating it as fact –like he did with an isolated Iraqi Opinion Poll last year, See “New Poll Shows Iraqis More Hopeful”


It is always a number that is most harmful to the United States, to our troops, or to the War in Iraq. But, he’s a hawk!

There are several far left anti-war websites where John Murtha could have taken a war cost number from. So why did he choose this $9 billion mark?

What’s bad is that a prominent Far Left Website National Priorities has their counter at 287 Billion, a high mark for sure. This comes out to 7.4 billion per month. That’s 1.6 billion less than Murtha’s number that he is passing as truth. And, that’s from a Far Left website!

** The official cost estimates released by the bipartisan House Budget Committee put the total Cost for Iraq at $360 billion by the end of 2006– ($7.8 billion/month including miscellaneous costs, reconstruction, transportation, aide, etc.)

Most Americans expect more from their Representative than to grab a number from a far-left (or far-right) website and pass it on as fact. Yet, that is what John Murtha is doing… again.

You would think the media could followup with Murtha when he passes this kind of crap on the American public!

The media is, after all, able to do the research… Just this week they were able to find Ann Coulter quotes from 3, 4 or 5 years ago.

Is it too much then to ask them to do the same with Murtha?… The possible future Democratic Majority Leader of the House?

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