Is Murtha in Trouble at Home?

There are troubling signs building for the anti-war, anti-military hawk

Warren “Bones” Bonesteel Sgt USMC 1976-1983 writes in explaining the position the Representative Hawk finds himself in:

Diana Irey is becoming a serious contender.

Vets for Irey has video of Diana and a place for veterans to sign up to help in her campaign to “Dump Murtha.”

The primaries for the 12th District were held on the 16th of May. Most of Murtha’s public words and appearances about Haditha occurred afterwards. His allegations are since proving to be less than accurate.

In a portion of the state of Pennsylvania where people have ancestors and family members who’ve fought in every war from Phillip’s War to Iraq, such words and public statements by Mr. Murtha will not be well received. (Think: Patriotic “Zell Miller” Democrats.) Mrs. Irey is quite properly bringing that issue to the voter’s attention.

Also, with a quick Google search (“Veterans Irey”), you will see many Veterans and Veteran’s groups around the nation who are beginning to mobilize for Diana’s Irey’s campaign. What is currently to be found on Google tells less than half the story. A number of individual Veterans and groups are presently preparing to visit the district in order to work with and for Mrs. Irey’s campaign.

Among other things,

1.) as neither Murtha nor Irey were opposed in the primaries,

2.) and in view of Murtha’s ongoing and virulent attacks against (Pennsylvania) military service members after the primaries,

3.) and in view of Pennsylvanian’s willingness to “throw the bastards out” over the last two years…

4.) and with her stand on taxation and family issues,

5.) and in view of the fact that on the morning of the 14th of June, the RNC chariman’s daily report contained a brief on her campaign,

6.) and that and other PACS and 527’s are now aware of and considering support for her campaign,

7.) and that her campaign has received individual contributions from 46 states,

8.) and that many Veteran’s and Veteran’s groups and other civilian activists around the nation are mobilizing support for her campaign,

9.) and that a number of members of Free Republic, as well as a growing number of other conservative websites, groups, lists, blogs and newsletters, who have expressed support for her campaign,

10.) as well as evidence arising that questions Murtha’s publicly claimed military record,

…Mrs. Irey may just have more of a chance than many might think…

14 June, 2006: Free Republic “Live Thread” with Diana Irey gets 16,000 page views in less than 24 hours.
(average thread gets less than a thousand page views.)

14 June, 2006: Vets for Irey reports individual grassroots contributions to Irey’s campaign have been received from 46 states.

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Warren “Bones” Bonesteel
Sgt USMC 1976-1983

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