Iran Says New UN Human Rights Council Will Act on US

It sounds like the newly revamped and Jimmy Carter endorsed UN Human Rights Council is off to a roaring start by the reports from the initial meetings last week in Geneva.

Not only did the new group with member states Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China, focus on the Zionist’s abuse of the Palestinian State, but the group discussed actions to be taken against the United States for its blood stained hands.

The revamped club invited Iranian thug, Saeed Mortazavi, to its opening sessions last week despite the fact that he is notorious for the crackdown on dissidents, journalists and played a major role in the rape and torture of Zahra Kazemi, a slained Iranian-Canadian journalist. Mortazavi wasted no time in blasting the US for “violations” during the meetings last week.

Of course, Martazavi said nothing about the clubbing of women’s rights protesters just days earlier in Iran.


The Islamic Republic News Agency reported today that US human rights abuses were the focus of discussions last week in Geneva:

Minister of Justice Jamal Karimi-Rad said on Monday that the Human Rights Council launched in Geneva last week to replace UN human rights commission empowered the member states to take action with the UN about human rights violations in the United States.

Asked to comment on action plan of the Human Rights Council, Karimi-Rad who attended inaugural ceremony of the body in Geneva, said that fortunately ground has been prepared for member states to bring to task certain states which are used to introducing themselves as so-called advocates of human rights when their hands are stained with blood.

The minister said that US invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and unlawful occupation of other states, imprisonment of human beings under the worst possible conditions in Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq, Guantanamo, US, Bagram, Afghanistan and US secret prisons in Europe were raised in the Human Rights Council.

“Violation of human rights of Palestinian nation by the Zionist regime was one of the major issues which was discussed in the Human Rights Council and member states expressed serious concern about the case,” Karimi-Rad said.

Iran also reported on the human rights violations against minorities in Great Britain.

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