Goodness! Cindy and Willy Nelson(?) Team Up for Hunger Strike!

Say good bye to the muffin top

…on the Left’s little Miss Muffin Pie.

Cindy Sheehan and Willy Nelson(?) have teamed up for an “open ended” hunger strike beginning on July 4th at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas!

** Cindy Sheehan Watch has the whole bizarre story.


Cindy… yes. We understand how a few days away from the fried foods may help police officers during one of her happy arrests. But, Willy?… Please, Willy, re-assess! We all have our limits!

I say we plan a big Texas BBQ upwind of Camp Casey, each afternoon starting July 4th! …No Blood for BBQ!

Maybe while they’re sitting there yearning for Whopper Juniors and curly fries, Willy can ask Cindy about one of the whoppers she told on our military .

Grouchy Old Cripple has advice for Willy.

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