500 Chemical Weapon Shells Found- "Bush Was Right!"

Update: The Russian Connection- One translated memo addressed to a Saddam secretary from the Russian Ambassador to Iraq details US military plans on the eve of the War in Iraq…(more below)

President George W. Bush

A man of integrity and honor.

The Right Brothers say it best!…

Ted Kennedy- WRONG!
Cindy Sheehan- WRONG!
France- WRONG!
…Bush- RIGHT!!

Zell Miller- RIGHT!!

Watch for a BIG Goal Post Move tonight by the Librules!
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Austin Bay is following the story.

Captain’s Quarters writes:

According to numerous sources but not yet on the wires, Senator Rick Santorum announced a few minutes ago that the US has found 500 chemical-weapons shells in Iraq. Hot Air has the hot link for what little data exists thus far. Apparently, some of the shells contained sarin and others mustard gas. No word has come yet on when and where the US found these munitions.

Here is the Key Points page from a released document at Captain’s Quarters:

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Hannity and Colmes at 8:00 PM Central are reporting this news:

Senator Santorum: The reports that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction before the war are incorrect… The report is very clear that some are degraded and some are not.

Colmes just attacked Senator Santorum for using this report as a political move.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) reported that 15 shells could have killed 5,000 people like the attacks of 1988 in Kurdistan.

Instapundit is following the developments and has the transcript of the press conference from this afternoon by Senator Santorum.

Senator Santorum has a report on his website.

Michelle Malkin has more.
Powerline adds… “Negroponte only declassified a few fragments of a much bigger document. Read the press conference and you will see that Santorum and Hoekstra were furious at the meager declassification. They will push for more, and we all must do that.”

John Stephenson agrees that this it just the tip of the iceberg.

And, The Real Ugly American has reports of an *armed revolt* proposed by the Left.
…It wouldn’t be the first time.

Update: Nahanni points out in the comments section below a point brought up by The Real Ugly American:

“General Tom Mcinerney is reporting on Fox Hannity and Colmes right now that that the administration has been keeping this low profile to avoid exposing 3 of the 5 members of the UN Security council; Russia, China, and France. McInerney says these weapons will be traced to these countries, and asserts it is well known that Russia helped Saddam move most of his WMD stockpiles out of Iraq before the war.”

Here is what was said about the Russians back in March:

Russia’s UN mission spokesman blasted the Pentagon report released on Friday. The Pentagon report was based on documents taken from Iraq after the collapse of the Saddam Hussein regime. One translated memo addressed to a Saddam secretary from the Russian Ambassador to Iraq details US military plans on the eve of the War in Iraq…

But, it will be difficult for the Russians to slam photos of Russian military officials receiving awards from Saddam’s Defense Minister for assisting the regime days before the startup to the war.

Here is a photo from that meeting…

Col. Gen. Vladimir Achalov and Col. Gen. Igor Maltsev, both former high-ranking officers involved in Soviet rapid-reaction and air defense forces are seen at an awards ceremony with Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmed in early March 2003, less than 10 days before the start of the war.

More HERE.

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