The Left Reflects on Today's Malkin Attack

What was this guy thinking when he posted this?

No, It’s not funny.
And, you have to be shocked at the liberal hypocrisy (again) in all of this.

Thankfully, the Left had some time to reflect on their toxic ways.
This was posted later at Sadly No!

You have to go over there (if you dare) to see that the post is “full” of links to “liberals” making ping-pong ball jokes about Michelle. If by “liberals” you mean unknown people posting comments on a few threads at lefty blogs. Now there’s evidence of liberal intolerance — you dumb ass bitch. At least she’s found someone willing to swallow the balls and report on their deliciousness:

Agree with her, like her, or not, Michelle is effectively out on her own building a seemingly successful independent media operation enabled by the latest in Internet technogy and buzz …

Once again, racism joins hands with Leftism.
Really sad.

I agree with E L Frederick.

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