Take the Edge Off Tonight with the Open Border Drinking Game


Take the edge off, amigo…
Señor Bush’s speech tonight will either ignite his conservative base or tank his approval rating to the teens in the next liberally lop-sided mainstream poll.

Knowing how crucial this is for George Bush, the future of the Republican Party, and the possibility that an Al Gore type who sees only made-up wars and universal healthcare in your future, here’s a drinking game to take the stress off for you and all of your liberal and conservative friends while watching El Presidente’s Address this evening.

What’s Needed:
* Two cases of Dos X Beer per person,… or three
* One dozen limes
* Salt
* shot glasses
* beer bong
* Tequila
* Tequila worms


For each time the president mentions the following words or phrases do the following…

– “Welcome”- Salt Your Glasses
– “Welcoming Society”- Swig from “XX” Drink!
– “Jobs Americans won’t do”- down one “XX” Drink!
– “Nation of immigrants”- Tequila shots Drink!
– “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande”- Drink, Si?
– “Good-hearted people”- Bottle of “XX” Drink!
– “Path to citizenship”- Beer bongs! Drink!
– “Vicente Fox”- Beer bong! One “XX” Drink, Si?
– “The distinguished senator from Massachusetts”- Chew tequila worm, Swallow!
– “This is not amnesty”- Naked pyramid,… tequila, chug!

We all know that George Bush does not drink, despite the rumors, so here’s a way for you to show your support for the president and for Mexican President Vicente Fox while you enjoy the president’s speech tonight.Si?!

By morning you will know how well the speech went by how bad the hangover is.

Update: Allah at Hot Air has a few more phrases that I left off. Mucho gracias!…

“Guests”/”guest workers” — one shot.
“Comprehensive immigration reform” — chug.
“My friend, Vicente Fox” — two shots.
“Mi amigo, Vicente Fox” — three shots.
If he overenunciates a Latino name — four shots.
If at any point he starts speaking Spanish — finish the six-pack.

Play along at home. I figure I’ll be unconscious by around ten after eight, so if there are no evening posts tonight, don’t wonder why.

Blue Crab Boulevard has developing news on the counter protests tonight.

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Michelle Malkin has a large roundup of reaction today. She will be on O’Reilly immediately after the talk to give her opinion of the president’s speech.
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Truth Laid Bear has a cool live-blog tracker page.

Update 2: (7:20 PM CST) I’m woozie…

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