New School Students Complete Indoctrination, Protest McCain

Even John McCain was greeted with typical liberal rudeness at a commencement speech on Friday at New School University.

(Flopping Aces has the whole miserable rundown on McCain’s afternoon with the young Marxists.)

Even the very liberal university president, the Former Senator Bob Kerry, ashamed of the rudeness, described the insolence as “heckling from the audience where no bravery is required.”

But, to the moonbats this was an important occasion to speak “Truth to Power”.

Let’s hope for their own sake that they can control themselves better as they make the transition from student to employee… speaking “truth to power” in the real world does not help so much with advancement.

The New School’s graduating students protest as U.S. Senator John McCain speaks during their commencement ceremony Friday May 19, 2006 in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Unable to accept opposing views, New School University students gave John McCain a rude welcome at their graduation ceremonies yesterday:

Students and faculty carried signs objecting to McCain. They put peace symbols on their caps and turned their backs on him as he spoke.

“McCain does not represent us. In fact, he represents a very opposite view that we stand for. He’s pro-war, he’s against reproductive rights,” a faculty member said.

It was obvious McCain would face trouble here. A few Columbia University students stood in solidarity. And one New School student ditched her prepared remarks and lit into the New School’s guest.

“I do know that pre-emptive war is dangerous and wrong … that George Bush’s agenda in Iraq is not worth the many lives lost,” the student said.

Yet, most New School students did not protest — even if they don’t like McCain.

Earlier in the week at Columbia University.

It’s interesting that as the moonbats drag the Democratic party further and further to the Left, even John McCain and Joe Leiberman stick out as appearing “Conservative”. This can’t be good for the democrats.

Truth to Power!

** Update: (Saturday PM) This is amazing! The little Leftist who disrespected/fronted the Senator while she was planted in front of the microphone at graduation (“truth to power”) is making the Democratic media rounds already… from CNN, to Maureen Dawd, to Huff Post.

Blue Crab Boulevard has a thing or two to tell Miss Rohe on real heroism.

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