More on the Immigration Speech the Morning After

John Podhoretz has this to say about the heated immigration debate (Via Instapundit):

The immigration debate is a very heated and passionate one, and the heat and passion on the part of those on the restrictionist side have been useful tools for pushing the conversation in your direction. But there’s a difference between heated disagreement and the insistence on lock-step uniformity. Suddenly, immigration restriction has become one of those issues about which one is not permitted to disagree, because to disagree is to join with the forces of Evil. Those who favor a less restrictive policy are said to be bought and paid for by Big Business, to want to oppress poor American minorities who can’t earn a decent wage, and to seek the cultural destruction of America.

Chief among these villains, it appears, is the president of the United States, whose efforts on behalf of conservative causes — from faith-based policies to stem-cell research to a strict-constructionist judiciary to entitlement reform and massive tax cuts — have all fallen down the memory hole. He is not a conservative, my e-mailers tell me. He is Jorge Arbusto, an agent of the Mexican government. And neither, by the way, am I, a former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and someone who left mainstream journalism to toil in the fields of conservative media when conservative media weren’t cool, to put it mildly.

Those are some great words. Unfortunately, the debate has had some casualties.

I don’t see the action of the president as representative of his base but surely the results will be more than one could expect from the Left. There is no questioning that!I hope that people keep that in mind when they look back on the immigration issue.


And, you can always donate time and/or money to the Minutemen Project who are going ahead with their fence projects and need support.

Let’s hope though, that the senators work on their proposal some. Powerline has frightening details on the Senate’s proposed bill.

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